Rules and safety information

We want to give you a safe, clean and pleasant bathing and swimming experience. For your own safety and everyone's well - being, we ask you to take a look at the regulations we have here at Bybadet:


  • All swimming and staying inside the bathing and swimming facility is at your own risk
  • Show consideration for other bathers and Bybadet's facilities
  • Everyone who stays at Bybadet must follow the lifeguard's instructions
  • All types of cameras and mobile phones are prohibited in the shower and cloakroom area. Pictures can be taken inside the pool areas, but contact the lifeguards before doing so. We also remind you that even if you have received permission from us to photograph in our facility, you must obtain permission from the person you are photographing.
  • All violations of the swimming and safety rules can result in being expelled from the facilty without any right to be reimbursed of expenses
  • All visits to Bybadet are at your own risk. Bybadet does not assume responsibility for personal and material damage that may be caused in connection with presence or during your stay at Bybadet. You are responsible for your own risks whilst staying at our facilty.
  • All belongings are stored at your own risk. Bybadet is not responsible for theft or any other losses of personal items that visitors bring into the facility. This applies regardless of whether the items are locked in an ordinary warderobe, safe or anything similar.
  • Forgotten belongings are stored for 1 week before being forwarded or donated. Belongings of assumed high value are handed over to the Police. Bybadet cannot be held responsible for any loss of such assets, not even during the said period
  • Smoking and snuff/snus/nicotine pods are not allowed inside Bybadet. Smoking is also not allowed outside the main entrance
  • Intoxicated people are expelled immediately
  • For health reasons, we do not recommend people with diabetes, cardiovascular disease or pregnant women to stay in saunas


  • Everyone must shower and wash thoroughly without swimwear, before going out into the pool area or sauna.
  • Swimwear must be clean and put on after washing the body. It is not allowed to swim with underwear
  • Babies (0-3) have to wear a swimming diaper and tight-fitting swim trunks or swimsuit
  • We recommend using a swimming cap, however, you should use plaids or braids if you have long hair
  • Bandages and plasters must be removed before showering. For health reasons, we do not allow anyone into the bathing and swimming facility with open / plastered wounds or infectious skin diseases
  • Personal hygiene such as shaving, nail clipping, etc. is not allowed on the premises
  • Strollers are not allowed in the changing rooms or in the facility. Use your own pram parking in the hallway outside the changing rooms. Despite that, it is allowed to bring a car seat into the bathing facility.
  • From school age (6 years) children must change and shower in their respective wardrobes
  • If you see someone who needs help, notify one of our lifeguards immediately

Swimming, swimming, jumping and diving

  • It is not allowed to run in the shower and pool area - the tiles are slippery and you can risk getting injured
  • It is not allowed to push or pull others into or under water
  • Jumping or diving is only allowed from the diving tower, and never on, neither against anyone staying in the pool
  • It is not allowed to use a diving mask with glass in our facility
  • Objects such as glass, needles, chewing gum and snuff/snus that can cause damage to guests and our facilities must not be brought to Bybadet
  • It is allowed to have smaller and unlockable bath toys, but nothing larger than the size of a beach ball
  • Snorkels and flippers can be used for swimming / training in the fitness pool

Water slides and diving towers

  • In the water slides there is only one person allowed in the slide at the same time (family slides can be run by a parent and one child together)
  • Wait for the green light before going down the slide
  • Slide on your back with your legs first
  • Leave the landing pool to the water slides as soon as possible
  • Swimming toys are not allowed on the water slides
  • On the diving plateaus, only one person should walk to the edge of the aisle
  • After landing in the water, swim directly to the edge and go ashore

Safety rules: Children under 11 years and people who cannot swim

  • You must be at least 11 years old and be able to swim to get in, and stay alone in the bathing and swimming facility
  • Children under the age of 11 and other non-swimmers must have an adult capable of swimmming being at least 18 years of age with them in the water.
  • A capable swimmer over the age of 18 can bring a maximum of 5 children under the age of 11 or other non-swimmers.
  • It is forbidden for non-swimmers to stay in the 25m pool, with the exception of those who can stand on the shallow part where it is 1.5m deep

Café, food and drinks

  • It is not allowed to reserve tables/seats in the bathing and swimming facility. Lost items will be removed
  • Bringing food or drinks is not allowed into the swimming facilities. Food purchased in the café must be enjoyed in the cafe area


  • When there are groups at Bybadet, such as school classes, organisations and sports teams, it is the included adults who are responsible for the safety of the participants. They must ensure that all participants are safe and well during their stay at Bybadet. The group must make sure that there are a reasonable number of bathing adults based on age and swimming skills.

We hope you have a great experience with us, you are welcome!